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Dive St Vaast La Hogue - To the east of Cherbourgh, in the top left hand corner of the Seine Bay is the beautiful & picturesqe harbour of St Vaast La Hogue. Primarily a fishing village it has become a mojor tourist attraction for visiting boats mainly from the UK but also the rest of Europe. The harbour has been built from reclaimed land from the sea and only allows access into harbour 2 hours either side of high water. The harbour has ample moorings for visiting boats and the services it provides are excellent for the visitor.   St Vaast has set itself up as the gate way to the Baie De Seine shipwrecks, from here you can access all the landing beaches, Omaha, Utah, Sword, Gold & Juno.

There are plenty of good restaurants & bars in the village too  choose from these are dotted along the quayside and around the square, and although a small village it has plenty of character. The Debarcadeere bar & restaurant seems to be a very popular venue with locals and our visiting divers. Whether it is a meeting/starting point for your evening or as your final place for the evening/night it has great atmosphere.

There are some really nice restaurants in the village and The Marina which overlooks the harbour from the yachtie side is excellent, other favorites are the Bisquine and the Vauban. There are several bars along the front with a cyber bar and a local fishermans bar in the village square, well worth a visit.


                                                                                   The Hotel La Demeure du Perron

The accommodation that we recommend ranges from B&B in the village of Quettehou, this village is just outside St Vaast and the hotel is owned & run by a local diver who has his own private dive boat in the harbour. The hotel La Demeure du Perron is only a 5 minute drive from the boat pickup point in the harbour. In St Vaast itself there are 2 main Hotels one is the hotel La Granitiere,   & the other is The Fuchsias, The Fuchsias has a first class restaurant that is visited from far & wide and is a favorite with the visiting yachtsman, This can be an expensive hotel.


                         TheHotelLaGranitiere                                                                                                                       The Hotel Fuchsias  

By far the most convenient accommodation that we have found has to be the self catering house’s of Keith Perkins, Keith has 2 houses in the center of town one is a 9 bed house and the other is a 6 bed house, both are fully furnished with garden area and BBQ, table & chairs.

                                             For additional information visit                                            

 St Vaast Tourist Information Centre or The Cotentin Tourist Information Centre 

There is something for all levels of diver here from the sports diver up to the more experienced deep air / trimix diver, it gives access to the American sectors of the Invasion beaches, Omaha & Utah and offers some exceptional diving. It is possible to venture further East and dive some of the other landing areas but it is quite a distance.

The wrecks range from 20mtrs up to and beyond 50mtrs & depending on your groups limitations we will try and cater for your needs. 

There are lots of unknown targets that we have still to look at and groups willing to be adventurous diving guinea pigs the results can be rewarding

There are lots of wrecks to choose from when diving over in Normandie, many unidentified and most very rarely dived. The marine life is absolutely incredible, teaming with fish, crabs, lobsters, and free swimming congers. The only thing is, the reason that there is so much to see and look at, is because the French have a strict law which states, that no one shall, whilst diving with aqualung remove anything from the seabed or especially from any ship wreck, be it metal or edible. And this is a strict rule which applies to everyone, so please

  look don't touch.

The Hotel Demeure Du Perron.           The Hotel Granitiere.           The Hotel Fuchsias.

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